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Two Businessmen From Kentucky Make Proposal To Purchase Sea Wolves

WLOX has learned from a source in Kentucky that two men from Lexington are interested in buying the Mississippi Sea Wolves and moving the team to Kentucky.

Reportedly one proposal has already been offered to majority owner Jean Gagnon to sell the team. Gagnon is presently in Dayton where his other ECHL team is competing in the Kelly Cup Finals trailing Greenville 2 games to none in the best-of-seven series.

The Sea Wolves have 4 years remaining on a 5 year lease signed with the Mississippi Coast
Coliseum last year. If the lease is broken by the Sea Wolves, financial penalties do exist in the lease agreement.

Meanwhile, three of the remaining 7 personnel in the Sea Wolves office have been relieved of their duties. A Sea Wolves spokesman says that normal at this time of the year. The team always cuts back because things slow down and a full staff isn't needed.

The Sea Wolves are selling season tickets, so that's a good sign. However, Gagnon told WLOX last week that if the group from Lexington comes up with enough money to buy the team, he would be forced to accept the offer because of dwindling attendance.

There is a local group trying to come up with a plan to keep the team on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but Gagnon is expected to make a decision one way on the other within two weeks.

By A.J. Giardina

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