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New K-9 Joins The Pearl River County Sheriff's Deputy

Thanks to a generous gift, Pearl River County Sheriff deputies now have extra help in enforcing the law.

On Monday the Sheriff's department announced the purchase of a Belgium Malinois named "Harley." The dog is trained in catching criminals, and in narcotics cases. Dog trainer Jamie Gascon says the recent jail escape proves the importance of having a K-9 unit.

"Without the dog we would never be able to find the person," Gascon said. "When you have a wood that is that thick and the water there is no way to track them. The dog will be able to track them."

Sheriff's deputies also realized how essential these kinds of dogs are to law enforcement when recently one of their two dogs died. Without insurance, no one was sure how or if the animal would be replaced.

"These animals run in the neighborhood of six or seven thousand dollars depending on what type of animal you purchase and what type of training it has so it was a significant investment that the county would be looking at," Chief Deputy Aaron Russell said

Then a little dog named Lucy came to the rescue. Betty and Ken Cashion heard about the department's dilemma and decided to donate $6,500 to purchase a new K-9 in memory of their pet, Lucy.

"We see the county, the sheriff office running around our neighborhood doing what they're supposed to," Bettie Cashion said. "If they need a drug dog or an attack dog in our neighborhood, I hope maybe that can be ours."

Right now the new police dog is at a local trainers. Before the dog can begin patrolling, he must be trained to work with the deputy he has been assigned too.

By Danielle Thomas

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