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Breast Reconstruction With Autologous Tissue

As breast reconstruction becomes more common after mastectomy, the number of options is increasing.  While a majority of breast reconstruction cases involve implants or tissue from the patient's abdomen, there's another option available.

Donna Gary of Biloxi had a mastectomy ten years ago while she was in her thirties.  She had reconstruction this year after learning about an option that appealed to her.

"I woke up from surgery in a surgical bra and looked down and I had a breast for the first time in ten years. It actually looks feels, everything like a real breast, which is remarkable to me. It feels like it's always been here, and I don't miss my hiney at all...laughter".

That's right.......Donna's new breast was made using tissue, skin, and blood vessels from her behind. Why did she wait ten years? "The options had changed, my lifecycles had changed, I had more time to think about me and not everybody else in my life."

When Donna was diagnosed with cancer she was only 35, and had two young children in the fourth and eighth grade to think about. She just wanted to be healthy again. Now her children are grown, and Donna's cancer free. When she found out about the option of using fat from her own behind for breast reconstruction, she started investigatnig. Her search led her to New Orleans where a group of surgeons specialize in this type of reconstruction. "He is the partner of Dr Robert Allen who pioneered this surgery".  Donna says it was perfect for her.  She didn't want to use implants and she says "I didn't have the option of using my stomach, they used my upper buttocks, they took it apart and reconnected it to the blood vessels in my chest".

Donna says says it didn't take long after the surgery to get back to her normal routine. "I was down a week, the next week I was up moving around, the third week I was taking care of my yard and fixing dinner and doing whatever I needed to do".

Donna says it was all in the timing.

"I feel so much better about myself, it's not that it was that important to me, I was never in a place in my life where that was important, but it just makes your clothes feel so much better to you, you feel like everybody else".

To learn more about Dr. Robert Allen's surgical group and how the procedure works:


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