Woolmarket Residents Ask Biloxi Mayor For Answers

Woolmarket residents could soon know how they fit into Biloxi's plans for the future. The Biloxi City Council will hold a special meeting on Tuesday to update the status of providing city services to the annexed area.

Ward Seven Council member David Fayard called for the meeting because of his concerns about adequate fire and police protection in Woolmarket as well as the lack of water, sewer and drainage.

Fayard told WLOX news that he has heard that promises were made to the residents of Woolmarket during the annexation hearing. He wants to know exactly what those promises were and what has and will be done to make good on those promises.

Some Woolmarket residents and business owners say they want to know too.

"We would definitely approve of David Fayard calling a meeting with the mayor to see what's the plan for us because we haven't seen anything yet," Woolmarket resident Celeste Lancon said.

"Answers I think is what we're looking for so we can actually put some things to rest," said business owner Jay Aldrich. "If we know what we were promised then we know what we are to expect."

Some residents told WLOX they are unhappy about the amount of traffic tickets given out by Biloxi police officers, however, some people say the department of leisure services has done a good job for Woolmarket.

The special meeting will be Tuesday at Biloxi City Hall at 5 p.m.

By Danielle Thomas