Locals and Visitors Clean Up Harrison County

All across Harrison County people picked trash up off of streets and coastal areas and put it where it belongs. Organizers of the Great American Cleanup say volunteers collected nearly 900 bags of trash on Saturday.

Some Biloxi High School students chose the beach as the spot to pick up trash. It may be a short drive, but some students say they tend to avoid making a trip to the beach.

"You come down here and you see so many beer cans," Kerstin Entrekin said. "You trip over them and cut your feet. It makes you not want to come back."

Students say participating in the Great American Cleanup means they can come back to a cleaner beach. They say because tourism is so important to the area it's important to give the outside world a positive perception of Harrison County.

Dustin Renaud said, "When you go to the beach you just see a lot of trash, beer bottles everywhere and all kinds of things and we don't want the visitors, the tourists, to think how trashy our beach is so they'll come back again."

While the students headed for the beach some volunteers from Keesler Air Force Base filled their garbage bags with litter from around the Biloxi High School. For many of the volunteers, the stay on the coast is temporary but they say you don't have to call Harrison County home to care.

"It's everybody's area," said volunteer Kate White. "Even though we don't live here it's everybody's so we have a responsibility to make it look nice."

Nearly 600 people volunteered for today's cleanup. Some of what they picked up included three trailer loads of tires, a truck load of illegal temporary signs, and a fire hose.