Body of Gautier Soldier Returns Home From Afghanistan

A chartered plane carried the body of Major Michael Green home to Jackson County.

The Honor Guard, Sheriff's Deputies, civilians, and loved ones watched silently.

"He is a hero, a true hero," Sergeant James Pitman said.

A hero whose family says was simply living out his dream of being military man..

Major Green traveled all around the world fighting the war on terror.  He even trained soldiers for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan at Camp Shelby.  He was in Afghanistan January 7th, when the vehicle he was in rolled over a land mine.

"He lost his life, and it is something he is never going get it back.  He went over there to defend the constitution of the United States, and he was doing his duty," Patriot Guard Rider Ed Baker said.

Members of the Patriot Guard Riders, like Ed Baker, never met Major Green,but came here to honor the 36-year-old for his service and sacrifice.

"We are Americans that care about our warriors, and we are going to make sure they are always greeted at home," Baker said.

The Patriot Guard believes there is a duty to honor fallen soldiers and support their families they that terrible call comes.

John Mitchell came from Diamondhead to pay his respects.

"I had a lot of sorrow when I heard about it, especially a fellow member from Mississippi, not only in the army, but from Mississippi," Patriot Guard Rider John Mitchell said.

Those who came here, say it's the least they could do, for a soldier, son, and friend who chose to serve his nation.

"I appreciate you my man, I certainly do." Mitchell said.

Major Green's  funeral is Saturday at Gautier First Baptist Church.  The  funeral service starts at noon.  Green will be buried with military honors at the Biloxi V-A National Cemetery.

Everyone on the coast is invited to line up with their American Flags along highway 90 in Gautier, to pay their respects to Major Michael Green.