Coast Christians Celebrate Power Of Prayer

At one gathering in Gulfport, the faithful prayed that Americans will unite and seek spiritual comfort in God. About a hundred people bowed their heads and lifted their hearts in front of Gulfport City Hall. They came in unity to praise and worship God.  They also prayed for change during National Day of Prayer.

Kenny Streetman of Gulfport says "Our nation is in such bad shape, with all the violence, the pornography, abortions. This country has been blessed greatly by God and I think it's our duty to come and pray for our nation".

It's a nation in the middle of a war. One person prayed "Lord, strengthen and multiply the strong angels that guard and protect our nation. Lord, guard our cities and our coastal borders. Lord, guard our military".

Believers, like Shari Jourdan of Gulfport, are turning to God to keep our soldiers safe. Shari Jourdan says "I personally have a son that's in the armed services. He's in the army. After September 11th, it was a great awakening for America to be humble and realize that they're not in control of their lives. God is in control".

Through words and music, those who gathered prayed for peace. They also hope that more people will draw closer to God for healing and guidance in times of trouble.

12-Year Old Lindsay Simmons says "I really didn't want to come to pray, but when I came, it really lifted my spirits. I was happy because I knew that when we pray, God would hear us and help our nation".

Meanwhile, inside Gulfport City Hall, a Christian women's group called AGLOW International held a 24-hour prayer vigil. They prayed for local and national leaders, young people, racial harmony, and the education system.

By: Trang Pham-Bui