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Have The Mississippi Sea Wolves Received Interest From A Potential Buyer To Move The Team?

The "Richmond Times Dispatch" has reported that a league source in the ECHL said, that the Mississippi Sea Wolves are trying to move to Lexington, Kentucky.
Lexington was without a hockey team this year after the Sharks moved their A-H-L operation to Cleveland.

Sea Wolves owner Jean Gagnon sat down with WLOX Sports Wednesday afternoon and responded to the so called rumors.  Gagnon said he has been contacted from a potential buyer in Lexington, but hasn't had contact with that person in two weeks.

 "Yes I was contacted by someone in Lexington but there is nothing in stone, nothing signed, not even an offer on the table.  Right now it's a rumor," Gagnon said.

If the Sea Wolves received an offer from someone in Lexington to buy the team, Gagnon admits he and the shareholders would have to take a serious look. 

Gagnon said, "I would seriously consider that.  If the price was right.  As you know the support during the playoffs was not that great.  The shareholders would certainly consider it.  I'm not saying that we would do it, but if the offer was substantial, I'm sure the shareholders would look at it seriously."

Home attendance for the Sea Wolves continued to drop falling to an all-time low of just over 35 hundred fans per game this past season.
If the Sea Wolves do return for the 2002-2003 season, attendance must pick up.

Gagnon said, "I'm very concerned about the attendance.  We are off.  The fan base that we have is basically two thousand.  It's hard for us to grow and we have tried everything we can.  The low attendance trend is affecting the entire South.  There is declining attendance.  As far as next year is concerned we have to look at what can be done to improve the situation."

If the Sea Wolves return to the Mississippi Coast next season, Gagnon admits attendance will have to improve.  Back-to-back seasons with low attendance will force him to relocate or sell the team.  He loves the coast, has made his home here, but he also runs a business, a business that must make money.  If not, he'll have to cut his losses and look elsewhere.

You can't fault him for that.  

By A.J. Giardina

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