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Sports Cars Help Police Patrol Interstate

Interstate speeders, be warned.

Biloxi police have two new Camaros to enforce the speed limit on I-10. When the city annexed Woolmarket, about five miles of interstate became the responsibility of Biloxi police. The new sports cars will make that job a little easier and safer.

"The speed limit is 60 miles an hour. And we get a lot of people who don't obey that," traffic officer Ramon Castillo said.

Officer Castillo gets instant acceleration in his new police car. The 345 horse Camaro goes from zero to 70 in no time at all.

And that powerful pick-up is the primary benefit for traffic enforcement.

"It's what we call a 'hole shot.' From zero to 55 or 60. You can get to that point quicker. Quicker and safer for my officer to catch the violators," Capt. Charles Britt said.

"I'm citing you for following too close, okay? You've got to keep your distance, especially out here with a lot of vehicles," said Officer Castillo, as he issued a ticket on I-10.

Across the country, there have been stories about drivers being pulled over by someone who's not a police officer. But the two new Camaros are clearly marked as police vehicles.

"There should be no problem with these. I went to great lengths to make sure this is marked. It's not an undercover car, it's not trying to sneak up on people. It's marked. It's got the lights on the top, lights in the front, to the rear," Britt said.

Traffic officers assigned to patrol the interstate are better equipped to nab speeders. And Biloxi police are counting on the high visibility of the new sports cars to send a clear message to would be violators.

"Obviously a clear deterrent to speeders. They should know they're out there. Hopefully, just knowing they're there is going to slow them down," Britt said.

By Steve Phillips

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