Children Praying For Children

It's been one week since an Alabama father told police he threw his children from the Dauphin Island bridge.

Tuesday search led to the discovery of a third child. Now as search crews fight against time and weather, the community is continuing to pray for the victims.

Tuesday night the family held another candlelight vigil where dozens of children showed up to offer their prayers.

"I got down on my knees and prayed for the babies," said six year old Savannah.

Shardena Jones is also praying for the babies.

"It's been real hard on me," 15 year old Jones said.

The teen says for the past week, many of her peers can't get what happened at the bridge off their minds.

Nine year old Ryan Cane is also finding it hard to deal with deaths of the young children.

"I wanted to know if they found all of them," Ryan said.

The fourth grader has never stopped praying for all the children, that's why his godmother brought him to the candlelight vigil.

Many of the children at the vigil held their own candles in remembrance of the lives lost. They also made a make-shift memorial filled with toys, balloons and cards for the family.

While many are too young to understand what happened, those who do, are offering their prayers.

The family is unsure whether they will hold a vigil Wednesday because of the weather.

The weather is also the reason that Mobile County Sheriffs say they will scale back their search for the only child still missing. Sheriff Sam Cochran says about two dozen experienced duck hunters and fisherman will lead Wednesday's search.