George County Neighbors Worry About Crime And Drugs After Two Homicides.

The signs of the tragedy that happened inside this trailer Sunday, on Greenwood Lane, became more visible Tuesday.  Someone, probably investigators pulled the blood covered sofa, blanket, and rug from out Meleah Griffin and Dominique Johnson's home.

Sheriff Gary Welford won't say how the young couple died yet, what a motive might be, or who might be responsible.  But neighbors are talking about the tragedy and say they're worried.

"I am very sad because that was two human beings, three actually cause I hear the girl was with child, so it's sad," George County Resident Lilly Bowen said.

Lilly Bowen lives a few doors from where Griffin and Johnson lived.

Bowen says she would talk with the couple sometimes and says she saw 18-year-old Meleah hours before she died.

Two days later her neighbors place is now a crime scene, which has her fearful of a future in this Barton Community.

"This area is bad, with drugs and things like.  It just makes me want to pack up and leave," Bowen said.

Bowen isn't the only neighbor who told me drugs are becoming a bigger problem here, others just didn't want to talk on camera.

"Barton Community needs to cleaned up. They need get all the dope... I have been here 16 years all this dope.  Meth, Meth has gotten this community bad, and I would like see more police patrol in the area."

Bowen says she is praying nothing like this happens again in this small community, and she's praying for the two young lives lost.

George County Investigators say the autopsies will be conducted tonight .

They are still in need of help from community members who have information about this case.

You can call the George County Sheriff's Department at (601) 947-4811.