Third Alabama Child's Body Found In Mississippi Waters

DMR Marine Patrol Officer Scott Chatham began his morning, patrolling the marshes and shallow waters of East Jackson County.

"I started coming over today and make a quick run. Look and see," said officer Scott Chatham.

That's when he discovered a body at the mouth of "Crooked Bayou" and "Jose Bay" in Jackson County. The location is just east of the Chevron refinery. It was his first time taking part in the massive search for two young Alabama sisters -- Hannah and Lindsey Luong.

"And I wasn't out even an hour when found her," Chatham said. "Right there on the bank."

The child's body was found just two miles west of where the second body was recovered over the weekend. It was an ordeal and an emotion this eight-year veteran had never felt before.

"I've picked up some adults and stuff, but not a baby," Chatham said. "I don't have children of my own yet, so makes it tough. I don't know if you could ever prepare yourself for something like this."

Yet Officer Chatham knew deep in his heart he had to do his part to help bring peace to the children's family.

"Before I ever found her, I wish I had someone with me, because I had some kind of a gut feeling that I was going to find one," Chatham said. "Don't ask me why. I don't know."

Because the child's body was found inside the Mississippi state line, the Mobile County Sheriff's Department has shifted the search boundaries even closer to Mississippi. Crews are now concentrating about 35 miles around the area where the little girl's body was discovered.

"Until we find the other one, I will continue looking. Other officers will be looking also." Chatham said. "It's going to be on my mind for awhile I'm sure. The main thing is to get closure for these people, and that's a big plus for me."

The child's body has been sent to forensics investigators in Alabama for identification. Twenty agencies are still involved in this search. Because of the threat of severe weather on Wednesday, they plan to scale back their search.

By: Trang Pham-Bui