Community Holds Vigil For Missing Children

It's been seven days since a Mobile County father confessed to throwing his four children from a bridge.

Monday night dozens of people gathered for a candlelight vigil to honor the lives of the four siblings.

Just minutes after the search ended, dozens people from several communities came together with one goal: To pray for the four children.

"It's just hard to hear and think about it a whole lot," said Mendel Graeber, a mother of a 12 month old little boy.

"Everytime I cross the bridge I think about those poor children at the top of the bridge and I don't know if I'll ever cross the bridge going home without thinking about that," Graeber said.

She says the image will never leave her mind. That's why she joined hundreds of people to pray for the grieving mother.

There were several friends and family members and even those leading search efforts, however, many of the people who bowed their heads in prayer never met the victims of this unforgettable crime.

Now as crews prepare for yet another grueling day of searching for the little girls, people in the community say they will continue to pray as one.

More than 125 people will begin searching Tuesday morning for the two sisters who may still be in the bayou.

Mobile County Sheriff's say they will extend their search further into South Mississippi.

Meanwhile, the man who may be responsible for the deaths will be back in court Tuesday morning.

Lam Luong will have his second court hearing at 9 a.m. Luong is charged with four counts of capital murder. If convicted he faces life in prison or the death penalty.