George County Authorities Investigate Double Murder

The yellow crime tape that surrounded this mobile home on Greenwood Lane, offered a powerful symbol of the fear that now encircles the community.

"There is just a lot of mischief and a lot of kids running around here, and I am just scared sometimes," George County Resident Denise McLemore said.

Denise McLemore watched as Sheriff's Deputies searched for evidence to point them to the killer or a motive.

"I am kind of scared myself.   You don't know what is going on in the woods out here," McLemore said.

"We determined that we probably had a double homicide at this residence," George County Sheriff Gary Welford said.

Sheriff Gary Welford says a 911 call of a shooting came in about 3:30 Sunday afternoon.  When deputies arrived, they say 21-year-old Dominque Johnson and 18-year-old Meleah Griffin were dead in the home.

Word of their deaths spread quickly to friends and neighbors.  Josh McIntosh went to George Co. high with Meleah Griffin

"Wrong place, wrong time," George County Resident Josh McIntosh said.

Sheriff Welford would not say how the victims knew each other or confirm Griffin was pregnant. He's waiting on more from the investigation.

"Basically, all the homicides and the shootings pretty much all the violent deaths we had in the last  year, and so far the beginning of his year is people who pretty much have known each other. Some of them domestic, some of the can being called something that happen on a spur of a minute."

As deputies continue to search for clues, the department is hoping that any community member with information on this shooting would come forward  to help solve this case.

"We have interviewed the neighbors we can find at home, and actually we interviewed some people in Jackson County.,"

"We will be working until we hopefully solve it."

Sheriff Welford called in the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to help on this case.

Autopsies may be complete by Monday night.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the George County Sheriff's Department at (601) 947-4811.