Plans Are Underway For A New Waveland City Hall

Call it a sign of progress in Waveland. City government offices are about to move off of Coleman Avenue to a larger building off of Highway 90. The new location is temporary until a city hall is rebuilt on Coleman Avenue. The trailers on Coleman Avenue have served as the hub of Waveland's city government for more than two years. Soon they'll be empty as everyone from the mayor to the building inspectors move to this building directly behind Rite Aid on the Corner of Nicholson Avenue and Highway 90.

" I think that the general consensus of all the employees is that they'll have a better work environment more space." Said Waveland City Clerk, Robyn Gavagnie. Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo, echoed her words. "Getting people into a harden office space is good for morale. These trailers were never meant to be in for any extended period of time they're residential trailers that were converted into office trailers. Mayor Longo and city employees will fill about a third of this new office complex until the historic city hall and annex buildings on Coleman Avenue are rebuilt. "Were following what came out in the local 7day intensive charette and what the community wanted to see. city hall was a historic structure built in the 1800's and the new city hall is going to be a replica of the old city hall." Said Longo.

The annex building will go up right next to city hall with a proposed walk-way connecting the two buildings. Longo says, "The annex building architecturally is going to be modeled after city hall there going to compliment each other." Longo hopes to make the move to Highway 90 in about 45 days. And move back to Coleman in the permanent structures in about 18-months "It can't happen fast enough for me or the citizens." All government offices will move to Highway 90 with the exception of the Board of Aldermen's board room , the fire station and the city library . Those offices will remain on Coleman for a while.