Stars From 'The Bold And The Beautiful' Visit The Coast

Fans know him as Thorne Forrester, but actor Winsor Harmon, says Katrina strikes a personal chord with him.  A Louisiana native, Harmon says he's passionate about keeping the devastation of Katrina on everyone's mind.

"We just have to make people aware of it and constantly keep doing interviews and things like this until people get angry enough to stand up and get something done."

The soap stars who came to visit came down to do just that.  With help from Deborah Kennedy of Deborah Kennedy Designs in Bay St. Louis, the stars took part in a benefit to raise money for the Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.  The actors say they're not only interested in the rebuilding houses but rebuilding people.

"When you can come in and become part of an event like the one that happened to raise money for this center for prevention of child abuse, that's cool," says John McCook, who plays Eric Forrester.

Beside raising money, they're also raising their awareness about the hardships South Mississippians still faces.

"Visiting and getting a sense of what happened and the challenges being faced, I really understand it a great deal more," says Daniel McVicar, who plays Clarke Garrison.

"The people who have come back first are the bravest, and their really risking it. And their putting it all back out there, and this town's going to be okay," says McCook.

Harmon says the Gulf Coast will be able to build back faster if people across the nation take this advice to heart.

"Instead of worrying about you all the time, put your heart out there and think about other people."