Two Sisters Still Missing In Bayou

New information on the search for four missing children who were believed to have been thrown from a bridge by their father.

Mobile County Sheriff's say they will begin manning their command post 24 hours a day for quick response. This comes after crews discovered the body of the oldest of the four children.

The body of 3 year old Ryan Phan and four-month-old Danny Luong was found west of Bayou le Batr this weekend.

Saturday morning, a duck hunter spotted the four-month-old near the Port Aux Pins Marsh.

Just 24 hours later, volunteers who were doing land searches, found Phan at Bayou le Fourche.

Officials say Monday's search will begin much like it has for the past several days where searchers will focus heavily on those areas west of the bayou.

Officials say as time progresses, the bodies of the children are rising to the top of the water, so it shouldn't be much longer before they recover the two sisters.

Mobile County Sheriff's say that crews will continue searching for the two missing sisters at daybreak Monday.