WLOX Weather Wizard Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WLOX Weather Wizard?

The WLOX Weather Wizard is a new and unique way to get local weather information using your computer. It has two aspects – Your Personal Forecast, and the Desktop Weather Wizard. You can choose them both or individually.

What is the Weather Wizard Personal Forecast?

Your Personal Forecast is an e-mail sent to you from the WLOX News weather staff. It is sent in the morning and afternoon. You can choose which one you want to receive, or you can sign up for both of them.

What information is provided in the Weather Wizard Personal Forecast e-mail?

ü Local weather synopsis from WLOX News

ü Hour by hour local forecast

ü Temperature

ü Wind information

ü Humidity

A lot of people like to use the Weather Wizard Personal Forecast to keep tabs on the weather of family and friends or vacation spots around the country as well as the weather here at home.

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What about the Desktop Weather Wizard? Tell me about that.

The Desktop Weather Wizard is a very useful tool. After you download, it lives on your computer's task bar, and is active as long as you are on-line.

It provides you with these useful features:

ü Constant temperature display

When the Desktop Weather Wizard is minimized the current local temperature is on continual display.

ü Constant national and local Doppler Radar
Want to see Doppler radar anywhere in the country? Just double click on the temperature display to maximize the Weather Wizard, then click on the radar button. It’s that easy.

ü Constant link to WLOX News
When the Desktop Weather Wizard is maximized you can click on the “News” tab to see the latest WLOX News reports at WLOX.com.

ü Link to your personal forecast page

If you also sign up for Your Personal Forecast you will have access to all of the features described above.

ü Breaking News and Weather Alerts from WLOX News

People love this feature! Imagine you're sitting at your desk or home computer when suddenly an important WLOX News or weather bulletin crawls across your screen accompanied by an alert tone. If you miss the urgent report, the “Show Alert” bar will become highlighted to notify you of an important message.

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Can I receive severe weather alerts for more than one county?

You can receive severe weather alerts for as many counties within the WLOX-TV viewing area as you want. If you are only interested in severe weather conditions in your county, all you have to do is check only that county.

What is the difference between Your Personal Forecast and the Desktop Weather Wizard?

Your Personal Forecast is a customized web page, and e-mail from WLOX News. The Desktop Weather Wizard is a program that is active whenever you are on-line.

Which WLOX Weather Wizard is right for me?

In general, people with dial-up Internet connections like Your Personal Forecast because it is an e-mail. People with constant Internet connections such as cable or DSL like the Desktop Weather Wizard because it is always running. For instance, people with a continuous Internet connection at work are frequent users of the Desktop Weather Wizard. Of course, no matter what your connection is you can use them both if you want. They are both designed to compliment each other. In fact, we suggest you try them both to see which one is right for you.

Is it easy to uninstall the Desktop Weather Wizard?

Yes. All you have to do is go to your program files from the start menu on your task bar, find the Weather Wizard and click uninstall.

Does the WLOX Weather Wizard cost anything?

The Weather Wizard is absolutely free! It’s just another service provided to you by WLOX.com!