Body Found Of 4-Month-Old Baby

A heart-breaking discovery Saturday morning, as divers found one of the four children authorities say was thrown over a bridge by his father.

The Mobile County Sheriff's Department says the body recovered is that of four-month-old Danny Luong.

The Sheriff's Department says baby Danny was found within five miles of the Dauphin Island Bridge.

"Hopefully we will have continued success with the remaining three," says Sheriff Cochran.

For nearly a week search and rescue crews have been combing the Dauphin Island area looking for any sign of the four missing children, and now with the discovery of four-month-old baby Danny, they are confident it won't be long before they find his three missing siblings.

"We believe that the three remaining bodies are in those waters. Of course, naturally, any area around this are of interest to us," says Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran.

Earlier in the week, crews were forced to end the search because of heavy fog and murky waters. Now that the weather has cleared, officials say a high-tech sonar is helping them narrow their search for the missing children.

"The sonar was spread pretty wide, the shots that we saw. I think it cuts about 120 foot swath, and they were not right beside each other but a matter of several feet so to speak," said Cochran.

Nightfall means a temporary end to the search but a new day means renewed hope and a new strategy to end rescue and recovery so that investigators can solve this heinous crime.

"We are working this investigation with one thing in mind and that is a conviction for capital murder at the end of all of this," Cochran said.

Lam Luong is the father of at least three of the children. He is charged with four counts of capital murder. Luong made his initial court appearance on Thursday, where he was denied bond.

That same say Lam Luong re-canted his confession of killing the four children.