Laurent Appears In Court; Bond Set At $1Million

Leo Laurent left his court proceeding Friday with his head hanging down.

One of Brandi Laurent's closest friends, Andrea Dominach said, "I think he looked very scared. He was nervous, and he was shaking and breathing heavy, which is good. Which is very good. Because I want him to feel fear like Brandi did."

Dominach says she was convinced Leo was guilty of the crime from the beginning.

"Cause she would have never left her children. None of his stories made sense. And if something doesn't make sense, it's usually not true. These are tears of joy to see him charged," Dominach said.

Justice Court Judge Ricky Adam assigned Laurent a court appointed attorney and set bond at $1 million - a move that upset Brandi's family members.

"I, personally, don't think he should have gotten a bond," Brandi's mother Anita Moody said. "But I don't think anybody's going to give him a bond. If he skipped bond on an embezzlement charge, he's definitely going to skip a bond for murder. I hope they lock him up and keep him there for the rest of his natural born life."

Brandi's brother Jason Moody said, "He doesn't deserve it. He deserves to sit there and rot."

Meanwhile, Laurent's attorney is gearing up to defend his client, who still maintains he didn't kill his wife.

"That would be a part of processing the facts and the information he's going to give me," Public Defender Brian Alexander said. "I think I have the basic frame work down as to what this might entail, but again it's still very, very early in the process. And I don't know what evidence, alleged evidence the state may have."

Brandi's friends and family say they just want to see justice served.

"She was a beautiful, wonderful person and she didn't deserve to die," Anita Moody said.

Laurent will have a preliminary court hearing February 8th. If convicted of the murder charge, he could face life in prison.