Beauvoir Regains A Piece Of Its History

It took a very long time, 100 years in fact, but a piece of history has come home South Mississippi. Last Friday, Beauvoir regained ownership of a Stars and Bars flag that flew over the property back in the early 1900s.

At the time, the house was a Confederate veterans home. The museum's chairperson showed us a picture of two veterans holding that very flag in 1905.

Officials say in 1908 the flag was loaned to a group in Richmond, Virginia. That group later sold it. After passing through the hands of collectors, the flag was recently bought at an auction and donated back to Beauvoir.

"Having artifacts that you can hold or see because they were there. You can read the words from history books, but if you have a direct link like this is to have it back home where it originally started, it just means a lot to me," Beauvoir Board Chairperson Richard Forte said.

Tourists will soon be coming back to Beauvoir to see that flag and other memorabilia. Officials say they will open a temporary museum and gift shop on April 7th.