Jackson County Repairs Old Spanish Trail

"This road is uneven, you can tell where the shoulder drops off. There have been a lot of fatal accidents on this road."

Fountainebleau Fire Chief Michael Belton says Old Spanish Trail has turned into a dangerous pathway for drivers because of the large number of cracks, dents, and holes in the road.

"New Year's Day we worked a rollover on this road. They dropped off the shoulder of the road and tried to correct it, and the vehicle rolled over three times," Chief Belton said.

Bob Spivacke uses this route to get to and from his home almost every day. Lately, Spivacke says his trips have been a bit bumpy and uncomfortable.

"You get to a point there's so many pot holes, it's time to redo the road," Spivacke said. "It is a very dangerous road, a very narrow road."

Now Jackson County is giving this old highway a $350,000 face lift. Jackson County Board President John McKay says the repair job is long overdue.

"It's been several years since we resurfaced it. The major factor is that the road shoulders are caving in some places three, four, five inches on the side of the road, creating a real traffic hazard," McKay said.

On Monday, county crews will shut the road down for about a month. When it reopens, Supervisor McKay hopes it will be a safer thoroughfare.

"What we are going to do is mill out and dig out the road shoulders where they are caving, come back in with some asphalt base and pack it down real, real well. Then we will overlay the entire road so it could be one complete nice road service."

Construction will take place between Hamill Farm Road and Fountainebleau Road. Those two roads will serve as detours until the work on Old Spanish Trail is complete.