O.S. Family Shares Perspective On Tears, Turmoil In Pakistan

"There was this cloud, a dark cloud. You could literally feel the depression in the air," Pakistan native Feriha Siddiqui said.

Feriha, who now lives in Ocean Springs, says her recent trip to the country she's always called "home" felt like being trapped in a different world.

"Every time I was in a public place, I had this fear of someone blowing themselves up or a sniper just killing people. So I truly felt terrorized," she said.

She arrived in Pakistan several days before former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. The chaos surrounding her assassination was a far cry from the country Siddiqui lived in for more than 20 years.

"It's a beautiful country with beautiful people. But to experience this, I was overtaken with grief. It was just sad," Fariha said.

Back in Ocean Springs, her family worried about Feriha's safety during the chaos.

"It was like, So who's safe? If you disagree with the people who wanted her killed, then who's going to be next?" Feriha's husband Obaid said.

Obaid Siddiqui says Bhutto was an incredible leader and a unique political figure. He believes the aggression of Pakistanis stems from their deep love and affection for Bhutto.

"There were millions and millions of people for whom she was the hope of light. There's nothing more devastating than losing hope, and with her death, they lost that hope," Obaid said.

He says that Bhutto was different from any other leader, and that Pakistanis loved her leadership and charisma. To many, she felt like family.

"People literally, in true sense, millions of people were in love with that woman. And to be truly honest, I don't foresee in the near future anyone who will have the same place in the hearts of the masses that she did," Obaid says.

Pakistani President Musharraf said in an interview on Sunday that Bhutto is solely to blame for her assassination. Bhutto's December 27th assassination forced a six-week delay in parliamentary elections, which are now set for February 18th.