Hancock County Leaders Sworn Into Office

Hancock County's newly elected leaders took their oaths of office Monday. Judge Jerry Terry presided over a swearing in ceremony on the steps of the County's historic courthouse.

Nineteen leaders were sworn in, most were re-elected to office in November. There were only five newly elected leaders.

Board of Supervisors' President Rocky Pullman told the crowd it'll take strong leaders to keep the county's Katrina recovery moving forward.

"This county has a long road to recovery. We're not there yet. You may think we are, you may think we're doing fine and we have overcome a lot of adversity. The people of this county can not endure any increase on their property taxes, they are loaded down folks. It's incumbent upon us to do the right thing. We need to tighten our own belts and do the best we can," Pullman said.

Three constables, a school superintendent and a circuit clerk were among the new leaders to officially take office Monday.