Traffic Lights in Ocean Springs To Be Synchronized Soon

"Government Street is tremendously backed up for four hours a day, and it's not uncommon to have 10,15, 20 cars backed up in the general direction, and that's our off flow from the highway," said Ward 4 Alderman Greg Denyer.

The intersection of Highway 90 and Government Street in Ocean Springs is just one intersection where drivers are having to exercise patience since Hurricane Katrina.

"We have a real problem. It seems to surface around Holcum Blvd. That was probably the last light put up in Ocean Springs, and that was designed to allow the High School traffic to go South and it seems to be blocking there," Alderman Denyer said.

But according to city leaders, relief is on the way.

"The Board, we officially asked MDOT to come in and do a traffic study on Highway 90 exactly what peak hours are, how many cars are on the road, where they're turning the most so that they can synchronize the lights," said Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran.

The study is expected to take between 60 and 90 days.

In the meantime, work will be underway to alleviate traffic turning onto and off the highway.

"Next week, they should be completely synchronized the left turn signals, and such that if no one is turning left, then the light signal won't come on at all, so that should help some of the delay, but it'll take 60 to 90 days, they're telling us to synchronize the lights," Mayor Moran said.

City officials say many of the lights on Highway 90 will be synchronized soon after MDOT's study is complete, but not all of the lights are capable of being synchronized because they are too old. Additional funding must come from MDOT for that to happen.