Residents Say DuPont Pollution Is Making Them Sick

Almost 90 members of MERA, or the Mississippi Environmental Recovery Alliance, lined Kiln-Delisle Road Wednesday night with signs saying "Danger." Many of the residents near the DuPont Delisle Plant say they suffer with all kinds of medical problems. They say the problem is the pollution coming from the plant.

Judith Wise lives right outside of Diamondhead, Mississippi and says she sick most of the time.

"I've had tumors removed off of me, I've almost hemorrhaged to death. I've had all kind of medical problems... because of the stuff coming out of the stacks and the stuff coming out of our water."

But Plant Manager Aldo Morell says there's nothing to back up Wise's claims.

"There is absolutely no evidence that we have caused any of the illnesses that people are alleging we've caused and I'll be glad to respond to any allegations they may have."

Morell says his plant is highly regulated by DEQ and the EPA.

The attorney representing the residents says she wants to know if the company tests for dioxins, because that's what the lawsuit alleges is making so many people sick. That suit represents about 15-hundred plaintiffs, and also names Department of Environmental Quality.

Attorney Kathleen Smiley says she knows about 250 ex-Dupont employees who are ready to testify about illegal activities going on at the plant.

The plant manager says no one has approached him about the lawsuit, but he's more than willing to talk to anyone about their concerns.