Jackson County Girl Recovering After Hit And Run Accident

A 10-year-old Jackson County girl is recovering in the hospital after a dangerous hit and run accident.

The accident took place Monday evening on Brown road near Highway 57 in Gautier. Police say the little girl was walking home for dinner, when she was hit from behind by a car, which drove away.

Cuts and bruises cover Samanthea Miller's body. She was walking down Brown road with her brother when she heard a car's horn.

"I remember the car honking, and I tried to run and get in the grass and it just hit me," Samanthea said. "I thought I was dreaming. I tried to get up but it broke my shoulder."

Samanthea never saw the car coming or going, so police are having to rely what neighbors saw. Samanthea's mom, Shelley, knows the accident could have been worse.

"Oh yes, I thank God she is alive," Shelley said. "This person could have taken out both of my children, and apparently they didn't care."

The Millers know Samanthea's injures will heal, but they don't understand how someone could drive away after hitting a child.

"I don't know how this person couldn't stop. If you hit somebody how couldn't you stop," Shelley said. "My 4-year-old son was walking right beside her too. They honked at her and kept right on going."

"They should have stopped after they hit me to see if I was OK," Samanthea said.

The Gautier Police Department says they do have some leads, but they're asking the public for help.

Samantha underwent surgery on Wednesday. She's listed in good condition at Ocean Springs Hospital.

Police don't have many details, but say they're looking for a gray compact car. They think it may have been a Honda that would have been driving south on Highway 57 at dusk on Monday evening. If you have any information call (228) 497-2486.