Few People Show Up To Shelter

There are three area shelters open to prepare for the cold snap. The Salvation Army in Pascagoula, The Gulf Coast Rescue Mission in Biloxi and the Good Deeds Community Center in Gulfport.

The Good Deeds Community Center is a temporary shelter organized by several local organizations. And while there are plenty of cots available, the turnout Wednesday night was not what they were expecting.

"On average, I'm seeing three to four people a week and that's only those who walk up to our door," said Captain Ronnette Smith with The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army joined the Red Cross and Harrison County Emergency leaders to make sure people have a warm place to stay for the next couple of nights.

Not only did the organizations alert the media, they also handed out flyers throughout the community.

"The more that we join together, the more people we can help," Captain Smith said.

This is actually the first time that the Red Cross, The Salvation Army and Harrison County have teamed up for this type of shelter. They say whether one person or 100 people show up, they will remain here as long as freezing temperatures are a threat to the coast.

"I don't think some of them have the resources like TVs and radios," said Semiel Brack, one of the volunteers.

Brack is convinced that many people just didn't get the memo. But he says he will continue to serve those who do show up and hopes that those who know about the shelter, will take advantage of the warmth and generosity the organizations are offering.

"It would benefit them now to take advantage of this while its open, because they might not have this chance again," Brack said.

The Good Deeds Community Center will be open again Thursday night. The temporary shelter will open its doors at 5 p.m.