New York Woman Finds Her Benji

A lady named Nancy Schrauth adopted a dog on Wednesday at the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

At first glance, that may not seem so unusual, after all, dogs are adopted there all the time. But, there is something about this adoption that really is out of the ordinary.

Nancy has always wanted a dog like the one in the Benji movie. The problem is, she has spent twenty years looking for one, but never had any luck. Then, one day last year, she was watching Good Morning America.

"I am watching an interview being done by Charlie Gibson, and he is talking to the Benji movie creator, a man by the name of Joe Camp," she said. "Mr. Camp says for the new Benji movie, they found a dog at the Gulfport, Mississippi Humane Society."

Immediately, Nancy called the Humane Society, they told her that they get in a dog resembling the original Benji every few months.

"Oh, I thought they were joking at first, I really did, I mean if you have looked as hard as I have, you would understand how frustrating it has been."

So,Nancy hopped on a plane in Syracuse, NY, and flew to the Coast, just to get her Benji. Nancy says she'll leave Thursday morning at 6:15, and Benji, who she will call Jo-Jo, will be right beside her.

Suffice to say, Nancy's stay here will be short, but she leaves a very happy lady.

"I finally found my Benji, and I was 65 on April 14th, so this is the best birthday present I ever had in my life, this is it."