South Mississippi Bundles Up Against Cold

The sun sparkled against the waters of the Mississippi Sound Wednesday afternoon. But don't let that warm looking sun on the water fool you. Even the seagulls seem to sense it: Winter weather is here.

"It is cold. It's really cold," said a bundled up Pat Huey.

Huey and his work crew is busy building a Domino's Pizza on Highway 49. The warmth of a pizza oven sounded pretty good this chilly morning.

"It's freezing. It was a lot worse earlier today. All that water over there was frozen this morning. And man, we're dying out here."

Construction workers traded in their short sleeves for heavy sweatshirts, gloves and Ninja-looking head warmers.

"I've had this hat a couple years. And I only pull it out a few days a year," Huey explained, "My wife got up this morning and said, 'You want that hat with just the eyes?' I said, yeah, that's the one I want."

An employee at Green Thumb Nursery helps protect the plants by giving them a shot of water. Most of the plants in the front outside the business are cold tolerant.

"Pansies are one of the best flowers for outside. They love the cold weather. They can take a little ice. A little frost. And they hold up so well," said owner Beth Patterson.

For other plants that aren't so tolerant, she has some suggestions.

"The best thing to do is to cover them up with a sheet or some cloth, or even a box is good. Another good tip for plants tonight is to make sure the roots are wet. That'll help keep them from freezing," she said.

It's not just the frigid temperatures making it feel so cold. You can also blame the wind. It's an icy blast from the north, that chills to the bone.

"I think we should take the next 30 days off," joked Pat Huey, as his construction crew broke for lunch.

Since that's not likely, at least be certain you stay bundled up against the cold.

The experts say it's best to use old sheets or blankets or boxes when covering your plants. Don't use plastic. Humidity beneath a sheet of plastic, can turn into a layer of frost and actually damage your plants.