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Sister Searches The Coast For Her Missing Brother

Vicki Floyd has four bags filled with her brother's belongings. But she has no idea where Soloman Smith is. And that's breaking her heart.

"This isn't normal," she said. "This isn't something my brother would do."

Soloman Smith disappeared from a Gulfport halfway house on April 6, 2002. Since then, Gulfport police have looked for the 42-year-old. But investigators say it's not a priority case, because a recurring alcohol problem and not foul play probably caused Smith to run off.

Despite that statement, his sister doesn't believe that Smith is drinking again.

"If he's drinking," she said, "I would know where to find him, because I know the areas he would be in."

Merchants let Mrs. Floyd put homemade fliers in Gulfport stores where Smith often hangs out.

Judy Moore runs the Pass Road Dairy Queen. She said before the disappearance, Smith would stop by almost everyday. He'd always have a smile on his face.

"I'm afraid somebody took advantage of him and maybe I don't know, beat him up or something," the store owner said. "I don't think he would run away."

Neither does his sister.

"I'm sick. I'm a kidney dialysis patient and everything," Floyd said. "I just don't think my brother would just up and leave, knowing I would worry about him."

Since her brother doesn't drive, Floyd said he trusted other people to get him around town. "I'm afraid that he maybe got in the car with the wrong person," she said.

Vicki Floyd is praying that her missing brother is okay. She's praying that Soloman Smith doesn't become the fourth brother she has to bury.

If you've seen Soloman Smith, contact the Gulfport police department at 868-5959. Or call his sister Vicki Floyd. Her number is 324-3235.

By Brad Kessie

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