Florida Family Welcomes First 2008 Baby During Stay In Biloxi

A 7 lb, 3 oz. bundle of joy was the last thing Jennifer Groves planned to bring home from a New Year's Eve gambling trip to Biloxi.

"We went to bed around 4 a.m. and got up and my water broke at about 6:15 this morning. So here we are!" Groves said.

Just a few hours later at 10:45, baby Larissa Reagan Groves arrived. It was nine days earlier than her due date, but just in time to be the first Coast baby of 2008.

"That's exciting because we weren't expecting that. We weren't looking for a New Years baby," the delighted grandmother said.

Even though Larissa was born miles from her Florida home, the waiting room at Biloxi Regional Medical Center was filled with family. They came along for the gambling trip, but no one is going home empty-handed.

"We lost our money but we got a baby, so we're alright!" Groves said.

As proud father Adam Groves holds his tiny daughter for the first time, he already sees a bright future ahead.

"Y'all remember this face now, you'll see her on CMT one day!" he exclaimed.

And Mother Jennifer agrees. She couldn't imagine a better way to start the new year than with the birth of a new life.

"It's just perfect, she's beautiful," Groves said, wiping tears from her eyes.

Baby Larissa also received a gift basket from the hospital, filled with a blanket, stuffed animals, and photo album.

By Keli Rabon