A Biloxi Family Gets A New Home For The New Year Thanks To Habitat For Humanity

Nicole Issac and her family received an early Christmas present this year.  Not only did they move into their new home the week before Christmas, it was also the family's first home.

"This is my home, and I can say, you know, I love it.  I've been renting and leasing for a long time.  It hasn't hit me saying that this is my home.  I'm still saying I'm going to go pay my rent instead of saying I'm going to go pay my mortgage."

Habitat for Humanity teamed up with 84 Lumber, a chain of home improvement stores, and 20 players from the PGA tour, who played a benefit tournament in October, to get the Issac's home in time for the holidays.

The family says the best part about moving in before Christmas was putting up a Christmas tree.  Nine-year-old Lorenzo took on the task.

"He did it by himself over the phone with one of this friends.  It was too funny, and he was like I got it, momma. I'm putting a bulb here and there.  It was just exciting to put up a tree in your home," says Issac.

When it comes to their new home, Lorenzo can sum up how he feels in three short words.

"I love it!"

So do his sisters, Dominique and Danesha.  The girls share a room at the end of the hallway.

"It's awesome to live in something besides a trailer," says Dominique Antoine.

Up the hall and to the right, Lorenzo has his own room.  He says his bed is the best part about his room.

"It's big."

Nicole says her children are the reasons why she put in the sweat equity hours to get her home.  She says she hopes her success story will encourage others to stay persistent about having a place to call their own.

"Never give up. Never give up."