Law Enforcement, Casinos Keeping Close Eye Out For Impaired Drivers

Law enforcement is out full force this holiday travel period running radar. The Mississippi Highway Patrol will also be setting up random roadblocks New Year's Eve night and Tuesday morning.

"They'll be looking primarily for the drunk and reckless drivers. That's speeders, people who are passing in the emergency lanes. We're going to be out there looking for that driver," said Staff Sgt. Joe Gazzo of the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

While law enforcement will be looking to take impaired drivers off the road, area casinos have plans in place to keep patrons from getting in their cars and driving drunk.

Nancy Hosli is the Valet Manager at IP Casino Resort and Spa. She says extra security will be posted in the valet area.

"All of our associates are trained that if they ever have a guest that comes up and appears to be intoxicated, we will contact security. We will not deliver any vehicle to a guest that is intoxicated. From there, we'll contact a cab company, if that's what the guest requests, or we'll make arrangements to contact someone else that may be able to come and take the guest home," Hosli said.  "The first goal is to make sure no guest leaves this property in a vehicle that is intoxicated."

This is Carol Walker's fifth year to work valet during New Year's at the IP. She says her job is not only to take care of the vehicles but the people who drive them.

"We want everybody to come out and have a good time, but we want everybody to return home and be ready for the New Year," Walker said.

The New Year's holiday travel period will end at midnight on New Year's Day.