Fireworks Frenzy

The countdown to big parties and fireworks has already begun for some businesses along the coast. Several fireworks stands are up and ready for the New Year's Eve Celebrations.

"It gets a little crazy but it's a lot of fun," said Kathleen Nicholson who works at Kaboom.

Kaboom is the only locally owned fireworks tent on Canal Road. The store has been in business for more than 15 years, and leaders believe it's the low prices that keep people coming back.

Bottle rockets and artillery shells are the more popular items for New Year's Eve and Independence Day Celebrations.  That's why tents along the coast are making sure they have plenty of the items stocked and ready to go for the holiday.

"It gets a little crazy but it's a lot of fun.  Business will pick up tomorrow, and it will be non-stop around here," Nicholson said.

Alabama Based fireworks company TNT also set up shop on Canal Road. Leaders arrived on Christmas Day to start getting ready for the holiday rush.

The store brought more than 25 thousand dollars in inventory, so they are sure they will have what people need to ring in the New Year.

"We've made sure to have our shelves stocked and lots of extra items in the back," Kemp said.

Now that the countdown to 2008 is officially on, so is the friendly but fierce fireworks competition.

There are at least four fireworks tents on Canal Road and several others throughout South Mississippi. Many of those shops will open around eight a.m. and remain open until everything is sold.