Councilman Wants To See Park Built, As Promised

Biloxi councilman Eric Dickey is at odds with the mayor and other councilmen over plans to build a park in his ward.

Dickey wants the old "Our Mother of Sorrows" property near Division Street used for a children's park. One year ago, the council toured the church property to see if would make a good park location.

Dickey contends that Biloxi budgeted $81,000 for park development, and he wants it built.

"As we look at ways and means of trying to protect our small children and to provide them little outlets, they need as many little small neighborhood small parks as possible," Dickey said.

The park project is in limbo because other councilmen said they decided to use the park money to pay for other recreation needs. They did that after the Biloxi Housing Authority announced it would build its "Hope Six" home and recreation project in Dickey's ward.