Christmas Week Means Big Garbage Volume

After Santa's sleigh is gone, the Christmas clean up begins.

Garbage collection during this holiday week is best described with one word.

"Heavy," says Wally Carter with Delta Sanitation of Mississippi. "We're running about 25 or 30 percent more than normal. But we're putting out extra crews to help out, to make sure that no one is missed. So far, so good."

Delta garbage collectors are busier than Santa's elves the week before Christmas. All that wrapping paper and holiday bags and boxes and leftover leftovers from holiday meals find their way to the curb and then to the big green disposal truck.

"We don't use just a single cart like they do over in Harrison County. Over here we pick up unlimited volume. So everybody can put it out and we're going to take it away. So we see the volume," said Carter.

That volume includes a variety of Christmas remains.

"Obviously everything. From Christmas trees, boxes, and just a lot more. Wrapping paper. Everything," said Carter.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, Americans throw away up to 25 percent more garbage on average. That amounts to an extra five million tons of waste.

Delta has two extra trucks this week to help handle the holiday load. Workers on pick-up duty also get an extra hand from the drivers, making the team a trio.

There will be time for rest in a few days, once the New Year begins. But not this holiday week.

"Christmas is by far the heaviest time of the year to pick up garbage," says Carter.

Delta Sanitation currently serves the residents of Pascagoula and Ocean Springs. Beginning January first, the company will also provide garbage service to unincorporated Jackson County.