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Students Take To The Airwaves To Spread Message

Pass Christian High students wanted to speak out on teen abuse because they say it's a very real problem that is often ignored.

"We see it just about every day but we really don't pay attention to it, you know, stick your head in other people's business, but we try to say, try to help stop teen abuse," student Kalvin Woods said.

Another student, Chelsea Welch, said, "A lot of people overlook abuse, especially emotional abuse. I know a lot of girls in this school who put up with it and it really made me more aware of what a problem it is."

Another big problem among teens is smoking. So we asked the students to produce a second public service announcement to warn their peers about the dangers of tobacco.

"Some do it cause they think it's cool, to impress their friends, but you really shouldn't smoke because it's not good for you. But everybody has their own choices, and if they what they choose to do, that's what they choose. But we did the smoke commercials to hopefully get a point across that smoking is not right," Amanda Alexander said.

The public service announcements are only 30 seconds each. Teacher Leslie Leyser says producing them taught her students that trying to convey a simple message takes a lot of effort and thought, but hopefully someone is paying attention.

The PSA's are running on WLOX through May 5th.

By Marcia Hill

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