Friends & Family Gathered To Remember Erica Childress

Nearly 75 people came out on a windy, rainy night Wednesday to remember Erica Childress.

"I would be here whether it was raining, snowing and we couldn't walk out here," Michelle Mason said.

Emotions were high as those who loved Erica expressed how much she meant to them through poetry.

"There was something about you, something so true. God it's so hard to know you're gone," Logan Robinson said.

Even though Erica's gone, friends say her love for life will live on.

"She liked to have a good time, and she liked to make sure other people were having a good time and other people were happy," Christine Montgomery said. "She'd want us to have fun, all to get along, not to be upset. She'd want us to laugh."

While her friends enjoyed her energetic, carefree spirit, they also admired her strong sense of self.

"She knew who she was, and she didn't care what anybody thought about it," Mason said.

Though many found it hard to stop the tears, those who gathered found a sense of strength by supporting each other through the pain.

"Thank you for the times and every special moment. We will miss her Lord and know that she is heavenly sent. We miss you Erica, your friends and family."

The funeral for Erica Childress will be held Saturday, December 29th at Bradford O'Kefee Funeral Home In Ocean Springs. Visitation will be 2-4pm, services begin at 4pm.