Another Big Shopping Day For The Nation's Retailers

You may have thought Holiday Shopping ends with St. Nicks departure.

"But now we have gift cards so we've got to spend those," says Cecelia Spierin of Pass Christian.

Every year, some things are left off Santa list.

"We're shopping again today says Terry Radersdorf of Wilamac Indiana. "We wanted to buy this Jeff Gordon phone cover for our son. And he says yeah mom I'd like to have it so we're back in here buying it for him."

Bargains abound, as stores slash prices on most every item left over from the years richest and longest shopping season. And according to the National Retail Federation, there's 26 billion dollars in gift cards still burning holes in pockets across the nation.

"Both of us had the same shirts," says Elizabeth Knight of Gulfport, pointing to her sister. "It didn't fit right."

Returns will bring even more shoppers back to the stores, with what J.C Penny Customer Service Associate Ian Ross calls "the usual complaints."

"Clothing, more than likely, because most of it didn't fit," says Ross. "You know, Grandma thought you were fatter than you were. Or they get you really ugly socks."

And then, there are the not so usual complaints.

"Or they think you're really fat and need some exercise machines and you really don't want it," says Ross.

But if you're lucky, like Durel Seymour, your gift choice was nearly perfect and in need of just a little tweaking.

"The chain is a little bit too long, so we're looking for a shorter chain," says Seymour. "Oh, I'm in good shape. I'm in good shape."