St. Peter's By The Sea Returns To Pre-Katrina Location

For the first time since Hurricane Katrina, members of St. Peters by the Sea are praying, singing and worshipping in their own church.

Geni Fellows said, "We've all heard there's no place like home, and this is our home."

Geni Fellows was fairly new to the church when Katrina's storm surge washed out the sanctuary.

"It was difficult at first and of course, very sad when we come down the beach and saw the destruction," said Geni Fellows.

Contractors began the massive rebuilding project at the beginning of this year, and their goal was to always to have it finished by Christmas. Now church leaders and members of this congregation are thankful their prayers were answered.

"To do it at Christmas time is really special," said lifelong member of St. Peters Alan Jones. "My parents were really strong members here at the church so we were here every Sunday.

That's why memories of growing up in the church, will never fade for this Gulfport resident.

Jones said, "I remember getting pulled aside by the preacher and told to come to his office after church."

Now, the 100-year-old Gulfport Church is back on its beach-front property, this father is hoping to create new memories for his own family in the place he calls home.

"I know that being back at home in our own church, I'm going to feel my family and my siblings back around me again," Jones said.

St. Peter's by the Sea held its traditional Christmas Eve midnight service for the first time since 2004.