Sea Wolves Are Ready To Silence The Greenville Grrrowl

The Mississippi Sea Wolves have won a season high nine consecutive games, including 6 straight playoff victories sweeping Pensacola and Jackson.

The Sea Wolves advance to the best-of-five ECHL Southern Conference finals, a date with the Grrrowl in Greenville, South Carolina Thursday and Friday night. The puck drops at 6:05 each night.

First year head coach Bob Woods has watched his team pick up their pace, dropping only 14 games since December.
Coach Woods, a member of the 1999 Kelly Cup Championship Sea Wolves, can see "one" key element that compares favorably to the ECHL title team.

Woods said, "One thing is chemistry. We've got a group of guys who get a long great. They have a lot of fun together and work together for the same reason. There's no selfishness and the team comes first. That's a big key when you want to win a championship."

Defenseman Patrick Rochon was also a member of the 1999 Kelly Cup Champs. He said, "The 1999 team had a great defense and so does this year's Sea Wolves. We made a good trade at the deadline that gave the team momentum and the same can be said of this year's trade that sent over Jim Baxter and myself. We had a hot goal tender back in '99 and obviously Luc Belanger is red hot this year. If you have a hot goalie during the playoffs he can carry you a long way and hopefully Luc can bring us to the Kelly Cup again."

The Sea Wolves battled Greenville on December 8th in the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.
The Grrrowl won that hockey game 2 to 1, but Mississippi added a number of new players since that December night.