St Peters By The Sea Ready For Christmas Services

With one final holy communion and one final hymn, the congregation of St. Peter's by the Sea Episcopal Church said goodbye to their temporary home at Handsboro Presbyterian Church.

After more than 2 years at this location, the displaced congregation is going back home.

"Oh we are very excited,It is a very special day for us," said church member Candace Ozerden

Church members with what they call the best view in town will celebrate Christmas 2007 here.

"The water did come up about 10 or 12 feet here but we did have our upper infrastructure left.  We had about 500 thousand dollars worth of infrastructure left so we decided that that was a sign that we needed to be back here,"  said Senior Warden Earline Sawyer.

Following hurricane Katrina many decided not to build back near the water, but not St. Peter's. Members said they felt a financial as well as moral obligation to come back to their chapel by the sea.

"We feel we have a responsibility to be a parish for the city, the heart of the city is downtown and we want to be there and be involved in the life and the activities of our city. The city's been good to us. We feel we should be good to the city," said Lector Edwin Graham.

There's still some remaining work to be done at the church.

"We're about 90 percent. We still have flooring work to do. We still have some painting work to do but we're well on our way." said Sawyer.

Members said they'll always be grateful to the Handsboro family, for helping them achieve this Christmas miracle.

"We'll always have a special place in our heart for Handsboro Presbyterian," said church member Helen Graham.