Customers Mail Holiday Gifts In The Nick Of Time

Not all long lines are filled with last minute shoppers. On Saturday, they were last minute "shippers" running up a tab to make sure their special gifts arrived by Christmas.

Thomas Leng is picking up a gift, but still has to mail it to his mother in Arkansas.

"I'm gonna have to put the software in the computer, upload the pictures, and try to get back up here to send it tonight. I'll do it today, definitely," Leng said.

Boxes big and small filled the arms of customers. But those only represented a tiny fraction of the 20 billion cards, packages, and letters that postal workers will carry this holiday season.

Jean Bracks says a present from Virginia Beach arrived at the last minute.

"It's wonderful to be able to pick up this special package because it's for his birthday and Christmas," Bracks said.

It's too late for most stamped mail to make it in time for Christmas because regular deliveries won't resume until December 26th. That's why Zack Shuman says he's sending it "Express."

"There's something special about getting it on Christmas rather than after Christmas.   If you wake up looking for a card but then you get it a week later, it probably doesn't mean as much as if you get it on Christmas," Shuman said.

Last minute shipping comes with a price, but Shuman says, it's worth it.

"A little two dollars can make somebody happy & have a good Christmas, make me feel good on the inside," Shuman said.

Many post offices will close early on Monday, Christmas Eve. All branches will be closed on Christmas Day, and will resume normal hours and regular delivery routes on December 26th.