Hancock County Puts Guard Rails At Deadly Curve

Hancock County is trying to prevent deadly accidents on Kiln-Delisle Road.  Last week, work crews put up guard rails at a dangerous curve on the two-lane road.

That curve is where nearly a year ago, Shannon Simms ran off the road, slammed into a cement wall, and died.

Right after the accident, the Simms' family placed a wooden cross at the accident site.  As he hammered the cross into place, a teary eyed David Simms said, "I not only lost my brother, I lost my best friend."

The loss is why the family begged Hancock County supervisors to make the curve safer.

"Please dear God," Simms' mother Diana Holden said last July, "we've got to have some guard rails so nobody else has to go through this."

The county listened.  It put guard rails on both sides of the Kiln-Delisle Road curve.