Action Report Subject Arrested For Felony Home Repair Fraud

Two men are behind bars on charges of felony home repair fraud. The Attorney General announced the arrests Wednesday afternoon, and one of them was the subject of two previous WLOX Action Reports.

Thomas Wayne King, 53, turned himself in Tuesday. He's charged with felony home repair fraud and a misdemeanor for working without a state contractor's license.

The charges come from Collette Washington's complaints about the work King did on her Saucier home. In September, we showed you the uneven floors, cracked walls and problems with the fireplace that caused roof leaks, just to name a few.

Washington said she paid King more than $130,000 for work that was never completed. As our report confirmed, King did not have a state license.

The other arrest announced Wednesday is a man from Hattiesburg. Dwight Benton, 35, is charged with seven counts of Felony Home Repair Fraud. In each case, homeowners say they paid for work Benton never completed.

The AG's office says it's been involved in 69 arrests for home repair fraud since Katrina.