Local Charity Takes to Streets Looking for Needy

Many charities in South Mississippi help people facing hard times. Unlike many groups that wait for the needy to come to them, members of the group MT-25 decided to go out looking for those in need. They don't have to look very far. Every weekend members of MT-25 get together to bag lunches for homeless people and others in need of a meal.

"You see people that are struggling and that are on the streets, and you wonder how can you help them," said Catherine Bryant, volunteer. "You think the need is just too horrible. But once you just do a little thing then it counts and that's what makes you feel better."

After the lunches are ready, it's time to hit the streets to feed those who need it most. Almost as soon as MT-25 members pull into this vacant lot in Gulfport people line up to for food, and personal hygiene items like combs, razors, and soap.

"It's good to know that you've got someone who really cares, because you got a lot people out here that don't take the time to really care for anyone," said Leroy, who took advantage of the food and supplies.

MT-25 has been serving the needy for three years. In that time members say they've gotten to know some of the people they help so well they think of them as friends.

The founder of MT-25, Candace Hoffacker, said, "These are the ones that nobody sees even when they're driving down the road they don't see them. They don't exist. They're invisible. We're always glad to put a face on them and give them the dignity and respect that anybody needs."

M-T 25's name comes from Bible. It's from the verses in Matthew which deal with helping the needy. Members say they would like to expand their operation with a women's prison ministry and a free medical clinic.

If you would like more information on M-T 25, visit mt-25.org .