Students Go to School an Extra Day to Get Ready for State Tests

Some junior high school students asked their teachers to extend their school week this week. Students asked teachers at Fernwood Middle School for extra help preparing for the state subject tests they'll be taking next week. Students spent their Saturday in three-hour review sessions in either Biology, Algebra One or both. They will have to pass the tests before they graduate from high school. Some students say because the tests are comprehensive, they're a little nervous.

"Most kids have better things to do," said eighth grader Jeana Erickson." I'd rather be at the beach right now than studying Algebra, but this is something I need to do."

Kelsey Bush, another eighth grader, said "In all my subjects it's hard for me to remember everything that's going on and what I learned at the beginning was harder that what I learned at the end."

Teachers say students across the state will also be tested in subject areas like U.S. History and 10th Grade English.