World's Largest Rocking Chair Being Restored

The rocking chair fit for a giant is getting a massive makeover just in time for Christmas.

Hampton Hotels selected the huge rocker on Canal Road in front of Dedeaux Furniture as the latest project in its Save-A-Landmark campaign.

"It's the 35th landmark that we've restored. And it's our first time in Mississippi, so it's really been a pleasure meeting all these folks and standing in front of one of the most spectacular landmarks I've ever been in front of. It really is impressive," said Hampton spokesman and author Chris Epting.

Epting specializes in pop culture and history.

The imposing Southern Pine rocker was built by Dedeaux Family Furniture in 1995. Family patriarch, Roy Dedeaux, long envisioned it.

"And his dream was, when we started the business, to build a large rocking chair. And we kept going and going and finally we built this one here for him," said Roy's son, Andy Dedeaux.

Andy's brother Chuck says the chair quickly became a local landmark; turning heads, attracting curiosity seekers and slowing down traffic on Canal Road.

"Well, they stop and take pictures of it. A lot of times we say, well, we're located where the big rocking chair is. And they know exactly where that is then," said Chuck.

The enormous chair is patterned after the furniture family's signature piece.

"We build what we call a Magnolia State rocker. And we got as close to that chair as we could," Chuck Dedeaux explained.

Pictures of the giant rocker adorn the country style furniture store. Some show the chair knocked down by hurricane winds.

The restoration will ensure future generations can long enjoy this special piece of the past.

"I just wish my daddy was still alive. He'd be proud of what we've done today," said Chuck Dedeaux.

Along with sponsoring the makeover, Hampton Hotels also presented the Dedeaux family a check for $20,000.  The money will be used for the ongoing care and maintenance of the giant rocking chair.