Warm Weather Won't Stop Families In Search Of the Perfect Fir

Barbie Rutledge says your quest for a Christmas tree just isn't the same, when you're wearing short sleeves in December.

"It makes Christmas a little harder to get into when it's so warm, it's 80 degrees outside," Rutledge said.

Workers at Bozo's Tree Lot have sold nearly 1200 trees this season. Shannon Tunstell says a cold snap will speed up sales, but South Mississippians are used to the holiday heat.

"We're tropical creatures here on the Mississippi coast, but that hasn't always been the case! Much of our heritage comes from places that are a lot colder and snowier," Tunstell said.

That's why they also stock snow-capped trees: for people who dream of a white Christmas in the steamy weather.

In addition to the heat, tree farms have to compete against artificial versions. While they have grown more realistic over the years, they still don't smell the same or feel the same as a real tree.

"I don't believe they've found an aluminum one or a plastic one that smells like Christmas yet! " Tunstell said.

Rutledge admits she's already put up an artificial tree this year because it's more convenient.

But she says something about an authentic Frasier Fir makes the season a little brighter.

"It makes it seem a lot more homey and Christmas-y!" Rutledge said.

Tunstell also says tree sales have been up compared to last year, because more people are out of trailers and back into their homes, giving them more space and money to put up a real Christmas tree.